LOIC stands ready to provide marketable skills through its vocational education and training programs that are inclusive of job creation and strong based psychosocial counseling. All Programs are diversified and tailored to bring economic and personal benefits to the targeted beneficiaries.

The LOIC courses are arranged in modules arranged around 25% theory and 75% practical work. Training is completed by a course in Small Scale Enterprise Development and a curriculum in Life Skills offered to all classes. The curriculum is planned for twelve months of in-center training that will provide the trainees with real life work situations and challenges where they will put the knowledge and skills acquired into practice. It is followed by on-the-job training (OTJ) and job placement.

General objectives of the program are that all LOIC graduates can produce standard marketable products and services to sustain themselves, assist in the communities, and fit for gainful employment or establish own entrepreneurship.



Career counseling as well as psycho-social and trauma healing counseling are part of the unique features of LOIC. Well trained counselors (male and female) will guide our trainees in all phases of the LOIC journey at all locations. This may include motivational training, drama, plays, singing and cultural dances. Also, trainees were educated on the importance and definition of leadership, human rights, self-esteem, and tolerance. Trainees are organized to elect monitors who assist in providing guidance for their classmates and their interaction with the training staff

Anything to discuss personally? Please get in contact with our counseling coordinator Rebekah Bertsche to be referred to the counselors best suited for your needs.

Job Creation

On-the-Job-Training (OTJ) is a crucial part of the LOIC training cycle. LOIC seeks to fulfill the training requirements through practical experience. It enables the students to acquire hand-on skills and techniques for Job readiness. OTJ can either come as an internship or a full placement with an employer. It is during these three to six months period that LOIC staff keeps contact with the individual trainee and his or her supervisor on the job. LOIC has a variety of partners for OTJ. If you can afford opportunities to any LOIC graduates for on-the-job training and even employment after graduation, please contact us


Admission fees are a total of US$ 155.00 with payment made in two installments. There is an additional fee of LDR 500.00 for the entrance exam, as well as another fee for graduation which is set up each year before the event.

Please note that fees might vary between training cycles and LOIC institution sites.

All applicants will take an entrance exam. The exam must be passed with at least 70 in both Maths and English. Applicants with difficuties in reading or writing will do an oral test. The fee for the test in non-refundable.

Make tuition payments:


Global Bank Account No:

1030-2000-4308 (Lib. Dollars)


Eco Bank Account No:

6100-084-152 (US Dollars)


Tuition is Non-Refundable!

All updated requirements and fees for the next cycle you will find here, once recruitment starts again. Please not that admission requirements may vary between LOIC institution sites and courses.

There is a dress code for all male and female trainees. You ought to wear blue long jeans trousers with T-Shirts issued by LOIC and black socks. Foot wears are black sneakers or shoes or white sneakers. Overalls and security clothing (warning vests, helmets, shoes) are provided by the school and to be used only during practical.

Training Cycle