More Than Technical Skills
More Than Technical Skills
More Than Technical Skills
More Than Technical Skills
More Than Technical Skills
More Than Technical Skills
More Than Technical Skills
More Than Technical Skills
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We provide marketable skills through our vocational education and training programs, inclusive of on-the-job training (internship) and full psychosocial counseling. Programs are diversified, tailored to bring economic and personal benefits to the targeted beneficiaries.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to reduce unemployment and underemployment in the Liberian society.

Our Core Values

Our Core values are founded on the principles of Accountability, Excellence and Team Work.

Our Motto

Our Motto is "Helping others to help themselves".

Our Program

Our Programs are diversified and designated to cater to the needs of the beneficiaries.

The provision of skillful man and women is needed at all levels of the Liberian economy. TVET serves as an instrument of sustainable development. Yet it is still often left at the margin and its importance less embraced.

Let's Build A Better Liberia Together

LOIC is taking a leading role in tapping on the potential of young people with the aim of creating an environment where they are capacitated through skills building.



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Frequently asked questions

You Can Learn More From Our Frequently Asked Questions

All Liberian young people age between 16 and 35 can apply. LOIC encourages especially young women to take the opportunity for a vocational training. You do not need to have a high school diploma to apply but be serious about your goals.


You can apply with LOIC during recruitment, usually starting in December for the next year cycle. All applicants must take a small test to see which course is suited best for you. The test can also be done oral with the counsellors to also give those who are illiterate a chance to apply.


Usually, the cycle starts at the beginning of the new year. During the first month of orientation you can still make up your mind about which course to choose. The exact start for every school will be announced during recruitment.


LOIC offers technical vocational training like Auto Mechanic, Electricity, General Construction, Plumbing, Tailoring, Home Economics, and many more. However, courses differ between the different LOIC schools throughout the country and can vary in some years. You can find all courses here but please check with the counselors if the desired course if offerend at the location next to you. 


LOIC is the largest indigenous non-governmental skill training organization in Liberia and has operated for over 40 consecutive years providing basic skills training and support services to disadvantaged youths of the Liberian society.


If you are looking for more information about the training, please contact the counsellors of each specific LOIC training place here. If you want to get in contact with the management, please contact the National Office here.




Simply stop by the nearest LOIC Center closest to you and register


Course modules designed at 25% theory and 75% practical work


Please check below for information on the location of our campuses


Our Recruitment staff and counselors are always ready to help

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Currently, LOIC is operating three training centers located in Monrovia (Montserrado), Buchanan (Grand Bassa), and Gbarnga (Bong).

For more information on the program, please click here to email us, or call any of our Counselors on the numbers listed under the appropriate address. You can also call at the National Head Office for administrative reason.  

Head Office - Monrovia


LOIC Monrovia


LOIC Buchanan


LOIC Gbarnga

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